Selling Your Home For Top Dollar

January 2, 2019

We all want top dollar for our home, right?? Why do some homes in your neighborhood reach top prices and some falter? Why is it important to team with a true real estate professional? We see homes every single day and know what it takes to try and get the highest dollar. We like to think there are a few tricks to the trade that might help you. The market will, in the end, derive the price. You and your realtor, however, have the power and the awareness to make top dollar happen.

Where To Begin

The biggest and best piece of advice I could give you is to be super aware of a consumer’s thought process.

Try and take your feelings out of the home immediately.

Try and take your feelings out of the home immediately. You cannot take someone’s first opinion away. This starts at the curb. How does the home present itself? I’d make sure the home is inviting with the home’s exterior color schemes and the landscaping. Some examples as simple as natural earth tone exterior color, pressure wash the driveway, pull weeds, plant some inviting landscaping, and make sure the feeling is warm when pulling into the house.

What’s Inside

Once entering the front door, make sure we create that same environment for the interior of the home. First and foremost, smell. Make sure the home smells inviting and not like cat litter or a wet dog. I cannot stress cleanliness enough. If the home is dirty or out of place, you can kiss that top dollar goodbye. Dirty homes and homes that are out of sort are for select buyers. Buyers that will haggle and use that state of the home as a crutch. If you set the home up to be clean and presentable, it’s hard not to agree with top dollar.

These new buyers want to feel like this could be their home… take down personal pictures and items.

These new buyers want to feel like this could be their home. A fatal flaw I see a lot is that the family does not take down personal pictures and items. The new buyer walking through the door sees the house that this family lived in rather than seeing themselves there. Now that we are done de-personalizing the home, next step is to de-clutter! 7 out of 10 homes I see are cluttered throughout. Take the time to choose the right furniture in the right spots and I encourage you to place cluttered items in a storage facility or something similar. If there is no furniture, I’d suggest you consult a staging company and put some light staging in the home.

The Presentation

Aside from the physical aspects of the home, getting top dollar comes right back around to how the realtor conveys the home. I personally like to show the listing every single time with all my listings. This shows the seller that I am committed and putting in the time. Selfishly, I like to show the home because I can get there early and make sure the home shows like a model home. I have gone into too many lockbox (no listing agent accompany) and walked into a dungeon of a house because the blinds are shut, no lights on, laundry on the floor, etc. Now that the listing agent is showing the home, I stress that realtors not turn into a helicopter agent. Hovering a buyer and showing them that this is indeed a kitchen is annoying and makes the buyer want to get the heck out of there. The agent should be inviting and smiling and assist the buyers (who have never been to the home) with seeing the best aspects of the home.

Pricing Matters…. A Lot!

In short, price the home according to the market and where it’s going.

Let’s talk price now… Yeah, I know… fantastic… It is so important for every agent to price the home according to the market and where it’s headed. That is why I stress on a daily basis for realtors to know their market inside and out. If the seller has a higher price in mind than the realtor, that conversation needs to be had. I always say “over-communicate” with sellers. It is vital that expectations are the same. If you and the agent are apart on pricing then it is important to communicate your thoughts and hear the agent’s thoughts. Both parties need to understand their role and work toward a viable solution. There is always a solution. Unless you or the realtor live on Saturn with your pricing. In that case, I’d recommend that the two parties not work together. In short, price the home according to the market and where it’s going. I go with my gut instinct on many occasions and it hasn’t steered me wrong.

Local Knowledge

Make sure the agent knows the neighborhood and interworking of the town. If you or the agent is not totally aware of the town then I’d suggest you both head up to the town hall and gather all the information you need. What sorts of community events happen, who lives in this community, basic building code information (such as setbacks, etc.), utility information, and so on. This is ammunition for the agent to put your home and community in the best light.

Have Some Faith

There is a reason you hire a tip-top professional. Trust that process and you’ll be glad you did.

I’ve stated this a little earlier but it’s best I reiterate how important it is to take emotions out of the process and the home. I ask that you trust your realtor and do some research on them. Google is a powerful tool in finding out if your realtor is indeed the best choice for you. Now that you’ve found your realtor, trust their professional opinion and guidance. There is a reason I don’t work on my car, it is not my field of expertise. Leave the real estate stuff for the true real estate professional. That is some of the hardest-to-swallow advise I can give. There is a reason you hire a tip-top professional. Trust that process and you’ll be glad you did.

Selling your home with the right realtor should be and will be an incredible process. I encourage you to “work with your agent” as opposed to any other circumstance. Your home will be shown in its best light if you and your agent are a team. Happy selling!

Justin is an enigma being both energetic and laid back at the same time. He is THAT person everyone is instantly drawn to and have come to depend on. He always has time to listen, dishes out solid advice and is as genuine as they come. These qualities not only make him a charismatic leader but show his true character. He values relationships and has made his passion for helping others a daily habit. As the Market President for our Indian Rocks Beach and Bellair offices, Justin leads by example.

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