Why You Should Work With A Realtor

January 31, 2019

The home buying & selling process are both so ridiculously stressful. Okay, now that we got that off our chest & can all agree on how daunting the process can really be… imagine doing it… without a realtor. Seems insane, right? It is.

Would you hire a brain surgeon to build your house?

Would you hire a brain surgeon to build your house? Probably not. So, why would you buy or sell a home without a realtor? Realtors are trained in all aspects of the real estate transaction, from pricing and marketing to closing and legal documents. Working with a realtor can save you a boatload of time & frustration throughout the buying and selling process.

Real Talk

I figured I would share with you a personal story on just exactly why you should use a realtor. So, my boyfriend is in the military and as most of you know, that means a lot of moving. Well, about 6 months ago, my boyfriend got his hard orders to (drum roll please…. TAMPA!) We were so excited because this is our hometown! So, naturally, he decided he wanted to buy a home since we have family and friends here and see ourselves living here when he retires.

Fast forward to the good part- I told him one day, hey you’re going to get a realtor, right? He’s like “I mean isn’t that what Zillow is for?” I obviously laughed out loud, needless to say… we had a realtor the next day. Oh, I forgot to mention… this whole home buying process needed to be done in 2 months… because he was getting deployed October 1. No pressure at all, right? SYKE!

So, we had looked at what felt like 965 homes in about 3 weeks with our realtor. A few offers here and there, a few fall throughs. Oh, you know, the norm that goes on in the home buying process. Finally, he found THE ONE with the help of our amazing realtor. It fit his every want & need. Great price. Fantastic location. Completely remodeled on the inside. Literally #goals.

Our realtor didn’t even break a sweat…

He put in his offer, offer accepted, and then here comes the PAPERWORK and other really important stuff that I can’t even remember… because there was that much! Then, guess what? Closing gets pushed back… oh to when you ask? October 12th… yeah, you know when he’s across the world with minimal communication. GREAT. Our realtor literally didn’t even break a sweat, she was like “Do not worry we are going to make sure everything is okay. I promise you, this isn’t a big deal…” yadda yadda… but in my head, I was like, “Wait no, how is this going to even work?!” *cue panic attack now*

She handled everything like a boss…

Well, long story short…Our realtor was right. There was nothing to worry about, she handled everything like a BOSS. We were so impressed and she made it such an amazing and easy process for us. At the end of it all, my boyfriend said to me “Wow, I feel like I barely even had to do anything. She just did so much for us and had an answer for literally everything” We closed on October 12th, I was his power of attorney since he was deployed and our realtor was right by my side through every step of the way. It made me feel so relaxed in such a stressful time.

It Pays to Work with A Realtor!

So, for those who need more facts & hard details on why you should work with a realtor, just keep on readin!

It takes the stress off of you!

Expert Guidance
Having an expert guide you through the process of financial decisions, paperwork, insurance policies, deeds, and much more takes the stress off of you!

Support with Financial Decisions
While this is a HOME for you, it is a realtors JOB to protects your money & investment.

Find the Best Property
Find the best property out there that truly fits YOU.

Real Estate Has Its Own Language
And even Rosetta Stone can’t teach you this. Allow your realtor to be your glossary instead of having to carry one around!

Don’t feel the need to be an expert, when there is one for you!

Realtors Have Done It Before
Laws change, documents change. A realtor will know. Don’t feel the need to be an expert, when there is one for you!

Buying & Selling Is Emotional
You’re not just buying four walls and a roof, this is your HOME. Your realtor will help you stay on track & focused even during the emotional parts of buying a home.

Ethical Treatment
Realtor is not just a licensed associate, they are individuals who train and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Every Realtor is an associate, but not every associate is a Realtor.

Using a realtor is like having a therapist with you during the process.

So, with all of that being said… I hope you learned a few things on the way and consider using an expert to guide you through the home buying or selling process. Using a realtor is like having a therapist with you during the process, and let me tell you what… It’s needed!

Olivia is southern hospitality wrapped in compassion. She is as sweet as she is fierce and never hesitates when others ask her for help. Aside from being a mega talented writer she also takes on all of our special projects and events as our Brand Strategist. She uses the education she got from Bama {she would insert a “Roll Tide” here} to help give our clients an authentic look at who we are. She’s a larger than life, laid back bundle of joy who is as genuine as they come.

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