Brooksville, Florida

Founded in 1856, Brooksville was settled by four pioneer families: the Howells, the John L. Mayses, the Hales, and the Parsonses. With a low cost of living, tons of local amenities and great year-round weather, Brooksville is charming, progressive city that still cherishes its history, with homes and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Located on Florida's Adventure Coast, Brooksville has to much to offer: shopping, dining, biking and walking trails, local art (the city has many hand painted murals and other installations throughout the downtown area), parks for recreation and other activities, and much more. Brooksville is a classic community with tree-lined streets, varied neighborhoods, and is touted as a thriving residential-commercial city that has seen continuous growth each year. With amenities, public services, areas for outdoor recreation and much more, Brooksville is rich in southern hospitality, with motivated citizens and a municipal government motivated by visions of tomorrow.