Marilyn Stokes

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More About Marilyn


Have you ever gone on a vacation and simply fell in love? That was Marilyn and Sebring! She purchased a house here while she was still living in North Carolina knowing that one day, it would be her sanctuary. Fast forward a few years and those dreams became her reality!

Marilyn had a successful real estate career in North Carolina and knew transitioning both her life and career to a location thousands of miles away was not going to be easy. She'd be starting over from scratch and that was scary... but she was determined! She knows what it takes to start from the beginning and grow a business - she's done it twice in real estate and has learned a few things along the way.

Marilyn believes that in real estate you have to have some grit, and most importantly, be an ambassador of people in everything you do. Marilyn's team describes her as a bundle of passion wrapped up in a sincere smile.