Sue Gagne

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More About Sue


Growing up as an only child taught Sue a few things... One, she needed to be able to entertain herself. So, from the time she could walk she was always active in sports. Sue moved to Florida when she was12 but grew up in Connecticut so hockey was top of that list along with baseball, softball, football and basketball. You name it, she's probably played it. The second thing she learned was that she really, really likes being a part of a team. It's something that fuels her energy and drive to be the best player and teammate she can be.

Sue became a Mortgage Broker in her 20’s but, as with many during the Great Recession, she had to make a change. So, she became a high school guidance counselor since she has a graduate’s degree in mental health. She quickly discovered she was stuck in a job she didn’t love and was having a hard time with the income. So, she decided what the heck! And gave real estate a shot. After six short months, she had already made her annual salary at the school, making her decision to walk away easier.

Having such early success in her new real estate business allowed Sue the opportunity to mentor others and pour her knowledge into helping them grow. Her broker at the time saw how much she was committed to helping the entire team succeed and helped develop her into the leader she is today! Investing her time and knowledge into her team, giving them a fun place to call their work home and having a passion to see every single member of her team succeed is what fuels Sue. In her role as Market President, she's proud to say that she's surrounded by a team that shares the same core values she does.