The Right Mortgage For You

Ok... so we might be a tiny bit partial, we're pretty convinced that our CORE Services partner, Preferred Lending Services, has the absolute best mortgage services team possible. Their local team of friendly experts will take the time to talk to you one-on-one and listen to your concerns and goals and make sure every question you have is answered. It makes such a big difference for your peace of mind when you're not talking to an anonymous voice on the phone that's located across the country, especially since your home is typically one of the largest investments you'll ever make!

The Preferred Lending Services professionals are proud to offer you their expertise, always paired with personalized attention to serve you better. If you’re looking to purchase a home, they’ll be sure to take care of your financing needs from start to finish! Whether you're buying or refinancing, their team of mortgage professionals will work with you to help you choose the mortgage right for your needs, and explain the best options for your budget, lifestyle and future.

Pro tip? Get pre-qualified with their team before you even begin the search for your perfect home. It will significantly boost your negotiating power!

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Outstanding Communication

You will always know what is going on during the process.

A Local Presence

Our mortgage professionals are in the communities that we serve, meeting with clients regularly. We ensure that every mortgage option is explored and fully explained so we can offer you the perfect mortgage for your financial situation.

The Right Mortgage for You

We have hundreds of loan programs for you, but some may be better choices, based on your budget, lifestyle, and goals. Our loan officers ask questions and listen. Only then do they walk you through loan choices and suggest options.

A Smooth Process

Our mortgage professionals ensure that your loan process will be smooth from start to finish by uniting all parties in the transaction with effective communication.

Finding The Perfect Loan

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Fixed Rate Loans

Get peace of mind while owning a home with a stable mortgage payment.

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Adjustable Rate Loans

Boost your buying power with low rates and flexible terms.

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First Time Home Buyer Loans

A mortgage option that fits your budget, lifestyle, and long-term goals.

senior couple smiling in front of their home

FHA Mortgages

Moving up to a new home with little money down.

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Refinance today for a better financial picture tomorrow.

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Loans For Veterans

Exclusive offers for affordable financing at great rates.

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Construction Financing

Building better futures with easy mortgages for new home construction.

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Not Sure Where To Start?

The Preferred Lending Services team is available to help, offering the highest level of expertise and personal attention to each individual client they serve. If you're looking for a mortgage partner who will work with you to provide the dream loan for your dream home, look no further!

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